I believe that a university education should, at its heart, train students to challenge conventional understandings and assumptions. In teaching, I seek to encourage intellectual exploration while helping students acquire the tools to do so. My pedagogical approach is intensely skills-driven, designed to cultivate basic academic competencies that allow students to fully engage with the content of the class. I seek to ensure that students are both inspired and able to engage with difficult and complex ideas. My syllabi and assignments seek to encourage students’ reconceptualizations of history and the development of academic skills. Non-traditional assignments, such as an “analytical timeline” allowed students to craft their own understanding of 20th-century Latin America. Included below are links to several syllabi from past courses.



Institutional Reform in Mexico Syllabus

Modern Mexico Syllabus

Latin American Authoritarianisms Syllabus

20th-Century Latin America Syllabus

Michael Lettieri