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Opinion Pieces and Other Publications

Julián Leyzaola's Dangerous Plans for Tijuana,” NACLA (5/28/19)

“Are Referendums a Good Way to Make Policy in Mexico?”, Latin America Advisor, Inter-American Dialogue (11/21/18) 

Mexico votes tomorrow. Here’s how the country will be radically transformed when the PRI loses,” Washington Post (6/30/2018)

“Why Are Mexico's Elections Likely to Generate Violence?” Council on Hemispheric Affairs (1/24/2018)

“Violence Against Women in Mexico: A report on recent trends in femicide in Baja California, Sinaloa and Veracruz,” Trans-Border Institute, 2017.

“2016 Mexican Election Preview,” Trans-Border Institute, (6/4/2016)

“Political Violence in Mexico: The Meanings of Murder,” Trans-Border Institute (9/9/2015)

Academic Books, Articles, and Unpublished Texts

Journalism, Satire and Censorship in Mexico. Edited by Paul Gillingham, Michael Lettieri, and Benjamin Smith. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press (2019).


"In the Service of the Gremio: Bus Industry Magazines, PRI Corporatism, and the Politics of Trade Publications," in Journalism, Satire, and Censorship (2019).
A Model Dinosaur: Power, Personal Networks, and the Career of Rubén Figueroa,Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos 31:2 (2015): 305-342.

Los tentáculos del pulpo: La Alianza de Camioneros y la cultura política del sistema priísta en la formación de la política de transporte, 1934-1958.” In México a la luz de sus revoluciones, Vol. 2, Eds. Susan Deeds and Laura Rojas, Mexico: El Colegio de México, 2014.

 “Kickbacks, Collusion, and Cooptation: Mexico City's Trash Industry, 1940-1980,” New Perspectives on Corruption conference, Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies (2013)

“Cooption versus Cooperatives: The Alianza de Camioneros, the PRI, and the Consolidation of Power in Mexico City, 1937–48," American Historical Association, 2012.

“El motor del PRI: los dirigentes de la Alianza de Camioneros y el desarrollo de una clase de intermediarios políticos, 1945-1958,” Coloquio Actrices y actores sociales, UNAM (2011).

Media Citations

“This artist’s red shoes stand in for all the women lost to violence,” PBS Newshour (3/10/20)

“Morena Party, Security Concerns Dominate Baja Elections,” Voice of San Diego (6/3/19)

“Mexico's presidential election: Five things to know,” CNN (6/27/18)

“Political Risk Analysis: What To Expect After Mexico's 2018 Presidential Election,” Forbes (6/26/18)

“Another political murder rocks Mexico in last weeks of presidential race,” Reuters (6/14/18)

“Cartels stalk candidates ahead of July 1 election in Mexico,” Austin American Statesman (5/25/18)

“Periodismo contra memes,” Newsweek en español (10/9/17)

“Drug tunnel discovered in Tijuana near US-Mexico border,” Fox5 San Diego (5/31/17)

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